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Apilar  Lamp - L (302)

Apilar Lamp - L (302)


Large ceramic lamp


Height: 43 cm

Diameter: 20 cm

cable: transparent, 2 meters long.

This piece is part of the Apilar collection.  

The Apilar collection (Stack in Spanish) began to take shape during a family roots trip to southern Spain, influenced by the Differentiated and unique Spanish ceramics. In this collection there are nine different shapes, from which all structures of the collection are built. Countless of creation options are formed by stacking the shapes one on top of the other into new complex with spectacular colors.

On top of the pieces are ceramic prints, inspired by past traditions from different cultures, creating a contemporary cultural collage.


please note that this object is handmade and each piece is unique.

this object can be ordered in various colors and prints, talk to us for more info.

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