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form the exhibition:

"An illustrator and a designer enter a bar ..."

Gourmet Gourmet  Gourmet

"What What you make?

Gourmet Gourmet Gourmet!


For main course I prepared beef tongue with halva ..

Ugh! Tongue with Halva What is the connection?! It's meat-it's candy!

Who says Ugh!? You are disgusting! You want to listen?!

ok ..

For the first course, fish Spread with jam and nigella seeds

Yoo Yoo yoo

What do you know?! You know that now in vegas it's the best! It's a delicacy! It's a fusion!

I can not stand these sophisticated things, for me- give me a grilled chicken breast with no spices, dry, I love it dry.

Because you are common, What can you do?  everyone says so ..

 From “Ahad Ha'am Ahad”, 2008


The work seeks to address, through the text, the issue of Sense of belonging between the local to the global. Our desire to present ourselves as "people of the world" Who are well acquainted with many cultures, Alongside the attachment to our common Israeli culture leads to an ambivalent rejection of the local community and an attempt to glorify it by using external characteristics.

The common “Abadi” cookies are “Dressed up” as a European gilded porcelain centerpiece. Proudly displaying the fusion of Israeli society.

materials: Abadi cookies, glazed ceramics and gold luster

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